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Freshmen English Summer Reading & Annotation Assignment

Lord of the FliesAt Trinity, we desire that our students are life-long, year-round readers. To encourage this habit, the English department requires summer reading. These selections are intended to give students rich reading that will provoke thought, build vocabulary, and entertain students at each grade level during the months they are not in school.

Freshmen students will be responsible for reading Lord of the Flies before the beginning of school, and they are responsible for completing the accompanying annotation assignments listed below. It is our expectation that summer reading and the annotation assignments are completed by the first day of the school year.

Each student who has completed the English Placement exam has received his or her copy of Lord of the Flies. Each student’s FACTS account will be charged for this paperback novel. If the student loses this text and must purchase a second copy, please ensure the ISBN matches this number: Lord of the FliesISBN-13: 978-0399501487.

As you read Lord of the Flies:

  1. Make a two to three sentence summary of each of the twelve chapters. These summaries should include the main characters, the setting, and the main actions. Write these summaries on either the first page or last page of the chapter IN YOUR BOOK.
  1. Pick one character to get to know in depth: Ralph, Piggy, Jack, or Simon. Gather information about your character by 1. Underlining what the character says, actions they do, and descriptions of their appearance, thoughts, moods, etc. 2. On each page that you have words underlined, write a word or phrase in the margin summarizing what the underlined words tell you about your character. These words and phrases are called annotations.
  1. When you finish the story, look back through your chapter summaries and list ten important events that tell the highlights of the story. These events should be stated in complete sentences and numbered. These events should be listed in the blank pages at the back of the book.

It is our expectation that this summer reading and these additional annotation assignments will be completed when school begins in August.