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Hutchinson, Jaime – High School Principal

High School Principal

Experience & Education
Before coming to Trinity in 2018, Mrs. Hutchinson served as a principal, classroom teacher, district trainer, and even an athletic director. She has served at both public and private schools in the past and has experience training faculty, authoring district assessments, implementing improvement plans and starting new schools.

BA in Elementary Education (K-9) from Wichita State University
English as a Second Language Endorsement (K-12)
MS in School Leadership from Baker University

Contact Information
Phone: 316-634-0909
Email: jhutchinson@trinityacademy.org

A few facts about Mrs. Hutchinson…

Mrs. Hutchinson loves to watch Food Network with her family — especially Chopped!

She always loves to get her daily Starbucks fix, even though it’s only a regular coffee with cream and Splenda!

She loves to travel, and her favorite place to visit is Colombia.

Favorite verse: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.