Mission, Purpose & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Trinity Academy is dedicated to partner with parents in providing a Christ-centered, college-preparatory education for students committed to spiritual growth and academic excellence.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Trinity Academy is to train college-bound students to know, honor, and love Jesus Christ by imparting TRUTH (academic knowledge, “to know”), FAITH (spiritual disciplines, “to believe”), and CHARACTER (Christian values, “to do”).

Philosophy of Christian Education

Scripture clearly teaches that parents are responsible for their children’s education and discipline. The school is not a substitute for the home. Rather, it is an extension of the home and one means through which parents may fulfill the responsibility for education given by the Lord. Trinity Academy affirms that the Bible is authoritative, reliable, and the final source of truth. Education can be most effectively accomplished in an environment that recognizes that all truth is God’s truth, and the fear of the Lord is the foundation of all wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, within the school curriculum there exists an emphasis on the unity of all truth and on the development of an eternal perspective on life.