The story of Trinity’s beginnings and growth is a story of God’s faithfulness. God did more than just provide the vision for the school – he provided the location, the staff, the funding, the building, and yes, even the students.

Founding board members Bob Smith, Bill Nath, and Pete Ochs at the Central Community Church location, 1994.

In 1992, God impressed the need for a Christian high school upon three businessmen: Bill Nath, Pete Ochs, and Bob Smith. They soon arranged meetings with the staffs of several churches and

Christian elementary schools across Wichita. Though most agreed that a Christian high school was needed, no one felt called to donate assistance. Disappointed, these three founders prayed for a sign that would assure them that they were to continue. God answered their prayer. Within a month, 20 acres of land was donated for the school.

The founders incorporated the school, hired a headmaster, and began working on the necessary policies, procedures, and curriculum. By spring 1994, staff was in place, and the school was set to open in the fall. Though Trinity owned the donated land, it did not have the funds to build a school. So, the school rented classroom space from Central Community Church.

Preparations for the school ran smoothly, except for one problem: By early June, only eight students had enrolled. The school needed 40 students just to break even. They prayed diligently for 60 students, and God answered. The school opened in August with 61 students.

Trinity Academy high school, built in 1998.

By the third year, the school had grown to 123 students. The school had outgrown the space at Central Community. It was time to move. The board decided to sell the 20-acre plot and use the profits for a larger space. They located 75 acres in east Wichita at 21st and K-96. God led several businessmen to buy the land and donate it to the school.

Still, the school lacked the funds to build a school. A building campaign was held, and $2.5 million was donated to the project. By 1998, the school was completed – with 16 classrooms, administrative offices, a gymnasium, commons, soccer field, and baseball field.

During the same time period, Trinity was accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. Because of this accreditation, Trinity was granted membership in the Kansas State High School Activities Association, KSHSAA, which would allow the school to compete in athletic and academic competitions.

The stadium and track, built in 2013.

By 2006, the school had grown to 266 students, making it the largest non-Catholic Christian high school in the state. Hallways had become congested; classrooms were crowded. Though Trinity had an excellent fine arts and theater program, the school lacked an auditorium. A second gym was needed to accommodate its athletic program. It was time to expand. Another building campaign was held. Once again, God provided the funds. Approximately $5 million was raised. In 2008, the expansion was complete.

The school continued to grow beyond 300 students. In 2013-2014, the school celebrated its 20th anniversary by unveiling a new $3.5 million football stadium and track. A softball field and cross country track were added in 2014. As before, God provided the necessary funds.


The K-8 started in 2016 and moved into their new building in 2017.

In 2016, a K-8 school was added. The school opened at Eastminster Presbyterian, a nearby church that graciously shared its space. A new K-8 building was opened in January 2017, just south of the high school.

Phase I of the new $5 million school includes 13 classrooms, a commons, music room, science room, library, kitchen and offices.

Time and again, the Trinity family has learned that when God leads, he provides. Truly, Trinity has been the result of his leading, his blessing, and his provision.

To God be the glory.